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Stunning Statements LLC

Lana Earrings

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Lana Earrings

Getting ready for a night out? The Lana earrings are what you need. These are fashioned with polymer clay and glitter roxs (small shards of translucent glass) set in resin.

    **Earrings are approximately 2.5 inches in length

    Each item is handmade, one piece at a time.  If the item is in stock it will ship in 1-3 business days.  If the item is not in stock it may take 5-7 days to be processed.


    • Gold plated findings
    • Polymer Clay
    • Glitter Roxs
    • Resin

    How to care for your jewelry

    *Gently clean with a soft, clean cloth.

    *Apply chemicals before putting on jewelry (hair products, cosmetics, perfumes, direct sunlight, acidic foods)

    *Remove your jewelry before exposing them to excessive moisture (swimming, showering, sunbathing, exercising, etc)